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Dellichord M6 Bookshelf Speaker - [2-Way 6.5"]

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Stand Mount 2 way 6.5” Premium Quality HiFi Loudspeakers

The M6 design goal was very simple – A carefully engineered loudspeaker constructed from premium materials with form definitely following function. Built up to a quality not down to a price. Drive units were chosen for their diaphragm material not their appearance or ‘cool’ factor. The cabinet design, outwardly straightforward, is in fact a composition of damping panels, viscoelastic materials, bracing, MDF, acoustic rated foam and Birch plywood. This complexity neatly hidden on the inside. The crossover is layed out on a fibreglass circuit board for minimal device interaction and perfect consistency from one sample to the next. It is assembled from ‘no compromise’ components and hand soldered for longevity.

Some further key design features 

A front firing port tuned for agile, correctly aligned bass and minimal interaction with surrounding room boundaries.

Quality multi way binding posts mounted on a timber panel not a plastic cup. Recessed for a neat appearance and safety.

Magnetically attached grilles included.

All the above proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the Stereotech facility in Brisbane, Australia.

The Sound – The audible result of this engineering ‘care’ and striving to use the best available materials is a clean accurate sound. Incredibly good stereo imaging and staging. High levels of detail and a fast tuneful bass performance. The midrange offers a low colouration version of whatever recording you play. Overall the sound is very enjoyable and will have you ‘re-listening’ to your music collection. Don’t take our word for it though, please get in touch with one of our stockists and take a listen for yourself.

As an Australian manufacture we constantly strive to source as many locally made raw materials as possible for our designs.