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Sparkler Audio model S512 "perceive" DAC

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model S512 "perceive"

Digital beyond digital.

To expand the music hidden in digital sound sources to a more pleasant sound, we have developed a new digital-to-analog conversion “D/A Processor”. Digital sound quality that has been difficult to solve so far has been overcome, and a natural sound space close to high-quality analog records can be obtained. Since the main unit is an I2S input, if you change only the conversion adapter such as coaxial, USB, optical fiber, etc., this single unit can support various music sources.


I2S Conversion Adapter ― Plug-in digital audio interface

Since the main unit is an I2S input, if you change only the conversion adapter such as coaxial (S/PDIF, 75 Ω), USB, optical fiber (TOSLINK), etc., this unit can be used for various music sources. Of course, the model S507 CD Transport can be connected directly with I2S.

Smart Size ― Easy to wiring from rear panel.

In size-held (100×200mm) in one hand, you do not choose a place to put it. Since the depth is narrow, it does not get in the way routing of the wiring from the rear panel.

Japanese Taste ― The texture of Japan.

Elegant and cool, finished with a timeless design. The color of the handmade Japanese paper is by hope, you can choose from below color variations. You can also choose gray-smoke monotone top panel.

Simple Front Panel ― Easy to operate.

We designed as soon as possible to immerse into the music by losing cumbersome switches as much as possible, just plugging in the cable and turning on the power.

Price includes choice of Coaxial, Optical or USB I2s adaptor.