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Sparkler Audio model S513i "pastoral" ― Control Amplifier with Remote and model S514i "rhapsody" ― Dual Monaural Power Amplifier (* 2) - [2x25W]

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model S513i "pastoral" & model S514i "rhapsody"

The significance of the control amplifier is to optimize the signal level distribution handled by each unit, and drive the power amplifier firmly. The power amplifier pursued the ideal for sounding a speaker efficiently, and put it together in the dual monaural composition. Thorough attention was paid to circuit configuration and semiconductor selection, and more realistic and smoother than ever, a full-bodied that was well balanced from low to high frequencies, and a rich, warm and musical sound. By combining it with a high-quality speaker and player, you can create a precise and vivid sound space that fills the listening room. It is a sound quality that is different from general semiconductors and ICs, and is rather similar to a certain type of vacuum tube and has a unique depth that does not tire you.


Smart Size ― Block configuration that can be placed anywhere.

Since each unit is small, you can hold with one hand and place it anywhere. Depending on the usage situation, you can put everything in a rack, or place the power amplifiers near the speakers. Since they are separated from the power supply, there is no need to worry about crosstalk, and the sound with a stable focus and spaciousness is reproduced.

Japanese Taste ― The texture of Japan.

Elegant and cool, finished with a timeless design. The color of the handmade Japanese paper is by hope, you can choose from below color variations. You can also choose gray-smoke monotone top panel.

Essentials only Operation ― All with remote control.

There is no operation other than the power switch for the main unit, and complicated settings are not required. With the included remote control, you can perform all operations from a distance. It gives listeners more freedom to use, freeing them from operational constraints.
Selected line input is indicated by the color (1-red, 2-green, 3-blue) of LED at the front panel, and is reverted after turn on.

No Habit Sound Quality ― Thoroughly eliminate the element that causes the stagnation of the music signal.

For switching the line input signals, a long-life and highly reliable reed switch (contact: ruthenium) in which an inert gas is filled in a glass tube is adopted, and deterioration of freshness is extremely reduced. Thoroughly eliminates connectors and terminals with many metal parts, plated conductors, excessive amount of solder, etc., and reproduces the natural depth and spread without any electronic device odor and elegant and stress-free. For volume control, we have adopted a proprietary electronically controlled attenuator (32 steps) with no mechanical contacts, and controls the sending current like a valve.

Superiority of current-mode signaling ― Sophisticated internal structure for pure sound.

With current-mode, the signal path and circuit are dramatically simplified, greatly contributing to the freshness of sound. One line input is compatible with conventional voltage-mode and uses newly designed voltage-current conversion. After that, all treat the music signal as a current. The input current is amplified linearly as it is, and there is no mutual conversion of voltage and current that always accompanies signal deterioration. The less non-linear factors the amplifier has, the less oppressive it is. With an open and natural sound and agility that doesn't feel cluttering even with clarity, it makes you forget the existence of audio equipment.

Ultimate 25 watt ― Enough to enjoy music in your living room.

Compared with small transistors, high power transistors tend to be unfocused and low resolution in sound character. By selecting high performance semiconductors, we developed this ultimate 25 watt amplifier. Incredible clear, sparkling, full-bodied and overtone-rich sound. There is no operation other than the power switch for the power amplifier, just connect the cables. Since it is connected to the control amplifier with ultra-low impedance, long wiring is possible (several meters).

Universal Speaker Terminals ― Banana plugs & various cables can be attached.

A speaker terminal compatible with banana plugs has been standard specification. This enables various speaker cables such as bare wire cords, Y-type (spade) terminals, C-type terminals, fine pins, and banana plugs.