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Toma Audio

Spendor A1 - [2-Way (1" 6")]

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A1 Bookshelf Speakers

Adhering to the true definition of a bookshelf loudspeaker the A1 is the smallest model in the A-Line. Standing just 31cm tall and with a depth of only 19cm this closed box design can be positioned in any small space whilst preserving the Spendor A Line sonic performance that is energetic, engaging and fun.

The Spendor A is a compact shelf mount design. The slim modern cabinet fi ts easily and unobtrusively into any living space. It delivers music with captivating clarity and a sensitively judged element of warmth and charm. Music remains tuneful and articulate even when the A is positioned close to a wall or in a small room. The A is easy to drive and it brings out the best from your amplifier.


  • 308mm tall and with a depth of only 86mm the A closed box design can be positioned in any small space or on a suitable stand, o ering supreme fl exibility
  • With room friendly bass that is taut and controlled, smooth midrange and an extended treble, the A delivers a big, full bodied sound for its size
  • Spendor’s proprietary 5cm EP77 polymer bass/mid cone produces a natural sound that is free from colouration and allows excellent detail to be heard at low and higher playing volumes
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK


Energetic and uplifting

A-Line loudspeakers deliver sound with projection, character and sheer entertainment far beyond their modest dimensions. With their clean, open sound, they’re outgoing, friendly and expressive, bringing a natural sense of life and articulation to your music. They’re refined and composed, with real subtlety, but also with a snap and drive that makes them captivating to listen to at all times.