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Toma Audio

Spendor D7 - [2.5 -Way (1" 7" 7")]

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D7 Floorstanding Speakers

Dynamic and pure, the D7.2 loudspeaker reveals every nuance of the performance with absolute clarity and resolution. This superbly balanced realism comes from a sophisticated design that is undemanding of placement in the listening room. Easy to drive and efficient the D7.2 is compatible with any amplifier design, from low powered tube amps to powerful solid state designs.


  • A svelte design that delivers a captivating finely textured sound with deep-wide sound-images which clearly convey the message and the emotion of well-recorded music
  • The proprietary LPZ 22mm HF unit, 18cm Spendor EP77 polymer cone bass/mid drive unit and Kevlar composite bass drive unit, helps the D7.2 deliver a room filling sound with pure vocals, fast clean bass, precision and excellent dynamic expression
  • A sophisticated rigid cabinet using proprietary Spendor Dynamic Damping technology helps  the D7.2 deliver transparency to match the f inest ancillary equipment at any price point
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK